Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Broken Leg

It has been a VERY long time since I posted, but life is like that.

On 26 Apr 09 my beloved Gardenia broke her left leg and big toe. She fell down the stairs while I was at the grocery store. I rushed home and took her to the hospital.

She broke it very near her ankle, but the break is in the fibula. That bone is more for stability than weight bearing. She is in a boot cast. The doctor said that she will be completely healed (no pun intended) in about six weeks.

She spent the first two days not working, then the first two weeks not going in to the office. She worked on her stair and crutch skills. She went back in to work this last Monday.

Since I last posted Star had been awarded an Academic Letter for getting straight A's in her first three quarters of High School at Mundelein High School. She also started Track. She does Triple Jump, Hurdles and some sprints.

The other two are doing well, despite the scare of the broken leg.

We are planning on doing Volleyball again this Junior Olympics, but this year we are adding some track events and possibly my little Orchid will participate.