Friday, February 14, 2014

Happy Saint Valentine's Day!

I'm having a good Valentine's Day so far.  I bought Mrs. Prop a shrubbery.

Actually it was more of a potted plant, to show that our love is a living thing.

I also got her candy and made a card all in Greek that I left on the bed for her to wake to.

She suggested we get a Chicago Style Pizza and spend a romantic evening snuggling and watching a movie.

I don't know what movie yet (go to Illini6 for my discussion on manly romantic movies).

Hope you all have a very romantic or at least nice holiday.
Don't fight it

As you wish

Monday, February 10, 2014

Kαλό Μήνα, Gopher!

Okay, so it wasn't a gopher, it was a groundhog (at least the Bill Murray part was right), and I totally missed the first, and the second (which was actual Groundhog's Day).  Can you blame me though, I mean this weather, and the gopher, er groundhog says we have to have six more weeks, ugh!

I want to share with you a wrap up of my goals for 2013.  It is very late, but I've been having trouble getting my thoughts together about it, and I'm switching things up from Illini6.  Up until this year I always did my goals and New Year's Resolutions in Illini6, but this year if it isn't about writing and professional stuff it doesn't go there.

My goals for last year were discussed on Illini6 as I went along.  I went round and round, but I finalized them here.

Here is a recap, and how I did:

  1. P90X - I completed this.
  2. Learn Greek to level S2 or B1 - I failed
  3. Quarterly Dates - I failed utterly
  4. Get a New Job - Failed, but I am still employed at my current job
  5. Get Girl Scout Training - done
  6. Get Journey to Excellence Gold level for the Aptakisic District for which I'm District Commissioner - Silver
  7. Fortnightly Chicago History podcast - canceled
  8. Learn the Trees in my Neighborhood - canceled
  9. Participate in an Archaeology Activity - postponed
  10. Join a Club - canceled
I had realized I had bitten off more than I could or should chew about half way through the year so I canceled some things.  That was also about the time I learned that I would be going to Tanzania for a month.

You can see that I only actually accomplished two things on the list.  Of those, the P90X exercise program was a bitter win.  I often would have to take days off or heavily modify the exercises because of injuries (my joints are no longer capable of doing plyometric exercises at all).  In the end my right elbow still bothers me, and I feel like I'm less fit at this time than I was when I started the program last year.

On the plus side, I did get accepted to go to Tanzania and I spent a once in a life time month working there.  Also, I completed a novel in November.  I think Hidden Temple to the Lost Gods is my best effort so far.

So, that was 2013.  I feel in general it was a big disappointment.

I'll be back with 2014's goals.  They will be leaner, if not meaner; and I'll be wanting help from all of you to get them done.

Thanks ahead of time.