Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Maintenance Day, Sort Of

I (Daisy) got my haircut today and I managed to get the oil changed on the Flowermobile (that's the van, not the Gardeniacar).

Gardenia doesn't like my hair. She said that she waited 20 years for me to have hair and now that I'm retired she expects me to keep it long. It was driving me crazy though.

Oh well, next time I won't go so short.

The van was long over due (like my hair). Now I have to figure out a way to get the Gardeniacar in for maintenance.

I also ran out of time today, so no work out and no nap.

Sunday, November 25, 2007

Happy Birthday Gardenia!

Today, Sunday, November 25 was Gardenia's birthday.

We went out to dinner at Bob Chin's Crab House Saturday night. The younguns and I got her a digital frame that shows photos from a memory stick. We figured that she can use it for her new office.

Unfortunately no one called her except her mother and father (Yarrow and Poeny).

AND I just realized that we did not do her a cake! I'm going to have to really make it up to her.

1 and 2 Basketball Stats

Well, Star fouled out yesterday in her team's loss 22-6.

She was robbed though because three of the fouls were fantom. She did get sent away early in the second half, after not playing the second quarter.

Unfortunately the other team wasn't being called for fouls that were blatant. They were tackling our girls, but never got called.

The good thing is that our team fought hard the whole time. They never gave up. I love to see that. I really don't care if they loose as long as they play with all their hearts and they did that yesterday.

I really hope they don't loose the chips on their shoulders.

Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We are here in Mundelein today (and yesterday). Peony and Yarrow are here with us too. I (Daisy) went down to Oak Lawn to pick them up yesterday.

We called Begonia and talked to her at Ginger and Holly's. I hope she passed our Thanksgiving wish to everybody.

Everybody always asks me what the Christmas list is so I figured I'd post it here with everybody's Flower Name.

Pansy gives to Gardenia

Begonia gives to Daisy

Gardenia gives to Sweet Pea

Daisy gives to Daffodil

Sweet Pea gives to Rose

Daffodil gives to Juniper

Rose gives to Ginger

Juniper gives to Holly

Ginger gives to Marigold

Holly gives to Pansy

Marigold gives to Begonia

Trouble is, the list ends this year. I don't have one for next year. That's okay because I'd probably better update it for Marigold and Apple Blossom.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Monday, November 19, 2007

A Basketball Game Won

Yesterday Star had the second basketball game of the season. She is the tallest girl on the team by far. She is also the tallest of the two teams they have played so far.

As the tallest girl she is indispensable and her long arms block shots and passes like nobody's business. It is great to see her get aggressive out there (makes her Prop father proud).

Last year she was the first girl ever from her school to foul out. The coaches are fine with that. They say, "they give you the fouls, use them."

She is even better this year, she had no fouls in the first game and only two yesterday.

Enough of roughhousing, what was the score? Well, the intensity level was unbelievable from these girls. They usually are SO NICE that they almost seem apologetic when they win, like they offended the other team. But, yesterday they went out there and took the game.

They kept the other team from scoring a single basket through most of the first two quarters. At half time the other team had only made one 3 point basket, the score was 15 to 3. We parents were so excited that I took a photo of the scoreboard (it didn't turn out).

We ended the game with our Star getting 2 points, a bunch of blocks and a few rebounds.

The final score was 24-13! Hooray!!

Saturday, November 17, 2007

Welcome to Flowers of Mundelein

This is a blog to share the happenings and goings of our family, for the use and information of our family.
Each member of our house will have a "Flower" name to which they will be refered throughout the blog. If you know us you will know who is who.

When I figure out how, I'll be posting a "Flower" family tree with our extended family named in "flower."

In our house we have Daisy, Gardenia, Stargazer Lily (known as Star (she's a teenager, don't ask)), Orchid (not orchard Uncle Sweet Pea) and Tulip.