Saturday, December 4, 2010

Shaggy ~2001- 27 Nov 2010

Goodbye old friend.

The other day I went down in the basement to check on the sump pump and I smelled something just a bit off.  I checked in the tank where I thought Shaggy was sleeping and, well he wasn't sleeping.
I'm not really sure when we got him, but I ordered him on-line and he came in a box.  He was very small back then and either Tulip was either very new herself or yet to land.  We expected him to only live for about seven years, but when we got him Bearded Dragons were fairly new to the pet industry.  Now they say they live about ten years, which is about what he lived.

I buried him in the backyard behind the young maple that sprouted from one of the other trees we have.

He was a step up from the fish I had.  I could actually hold him, though I rarely did because the kids were small when he arrived.  He also interacted with us more.  He watched us and genuinely seemed interested in us when we were in the room even if we weren't bringing food.  He never hurt us or even tried to hurt us.

In all, he was a pretty good pet for something that isn't a dog and only has a lizard brain.  I think I would get another one (since we haven't advanced to mammals yet), but Tulip wants a Greek Tortoise, which I think would be cool too, except they live like, um 1200 years or something.  I don't think I could wait that long to move up to a dog.

On a similar note, I think this will be the very last post for Flowers Of Mundelein.  I don't want to shut it down, but I just don't post here.  The idea was to share family stuff here while being descreet and not divulging any actual names, but I find that my daughters have already been plastering their names and faces all over Facebook, so any internet anonymity that I might have salvaged is gone.

Goodbye Shaggy

Goodbye Flowers of Mundelein