Friday, November 23, 2007

Happy Thanksgiving!

Happy Thanksgiving everybody! We are here in Mundelein today (and yesterday). Peony and Yarrow are here with us too. I (Daisy) went down to Oak Lawn to pick them up yesterday.

We called Begonia and talked to her at Ginger and Holly's. I hope she passed our Thanksgiving wish to everybody.

Everybody always asks me what the Christmas list is so I figured I'd post it here with everybody's Flower Name.

Pansy gives to Gardenia

Begonia gives to Daisy

Gardenia gives to Sweet Pea

Daisy gives to Daffodil

Sweet Pea gives to Rose

Daffodil gives to Juniper

Rose gives to Ginger

Juniper gives to Holly

Ginger gives to Marigold

Holly gives to Pansy

Marigold gives to Begonia

Trouble is, the list ends this year. I don't have one for next year. That's okay because I'd probably better update it for Marigold and Apple Blossom.

Happy Thanksgiving!!


Anonymous said...

I'd hate to be pansy...

Anonymous said...

I understand the other anonymous

Inner Prop said...

I know, Gardenia can be so hard to shop for...