Sunday, October 20, 2013

Back and Eating Pizza

I'm back from Tanzania, and I'm eating pizza.  It was one of the things (not people) I missed the most.  I actually got back Thursday, but we've been pretty busy.

I'm going to have to get with a lot of people and share my stories.  I'll be putting a slide show together too.


Anonymous said...

I was just thinking you should be back soon. I'm so glad you are back safe and sound and from your picture: handsome and happy. Would love to see your slide show -- maybe when you are at your Mom's. We will be in Hawaii, hopefully, 11/3 through 11/8 and your Mom will be at our place taking care of my cats. Maybe after that!!!!! So so so so so so so glad you are home safe and sound. Love, A. Char xoxoxoxo ;-p

Inner Prop said...

Thanks, we will have to schedule that. My slide show is too big to email and some of the pictures need a bit of explaining. Of course, all of the pictures have a story that go along with them.