Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Lent Lent Lent

I just got a comment on my post about Lent from 2 years ago (wow). So I'm prompted to post, because I really should.

For the second year now Star is going whole hog, so to speak, about lent. She is doing the strict Orthodox Fast. She, Gardenia and my other daughters are Greek Orthodox and they started Lent on Monday (Clean Monday). Greek Easter (Pascha) and Catholic (regular) Easter are on the same day this year (not usual). That's good and bad. Lent is aligned, so there isn't a problem there, but since they are on the same day we run into the same problem everyone has on Christmas, when to go where and see whom.

We haven't even begun to talk about that yet because my Dad is really very sick right now. He's extremely weak and we're (the boys) are going to be taking turns going out to Rochelle and helping out.

So there's what we're doing for Lent. I'm not buying into the whole silly fasting thing anyway. Star just does it to say that she did it and to hold it over our heads.

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