Sunday, February 28, 2010

Papa Report

Went to visit my Dad again this weekend.

The week before last he came home from the hospital. He had had to go in because he was very weak, not eating and not having BMs. After a few days he decided that he wanted to go home and Ginger said that we would do whatever it takes to make sure he could be at home and get the physical therapy he needed.

So that week he went home and we boys started rotating visits to help out. My first visit was last Saturday to Sunday.

They put a hospital bed in the front room with the big TV and accessories for it.

His spirits were up when he got home, but as the days go on and he's slow to regain strength, his drive is up and down. He's still not able to get out of bed by himself, and on days when he is strong enough he can walk around to his chair using a walker.

I'm here with Star this weekend. Gardenia had to stay home because Orchid is having a sleepover and Tulip didn't want to leave Mommy, so she stayed home too.


Sadie said...

I'm praying for your dad and you and your family. Stay strong for him!

Inner Prop said...

Thanks Sadie, I'll let them know. He has been receiving communion regularly so I know he'll appreciate your prayers.