Monday, September 23, 2013

Special Report #1

Everybody is doing okay.  I talked to them yesterday.  I am in Tanzania right now for a while.

I'm now working on my Swahili.  I don't know if it is working better or worse than Greek, but I am certainly immersed.  I'm in a town called Morogoro (you can look it up on Google Maps).  I've included a pic of the mountains nearby.

My other personal goals are Quarterly Dates, New Job and Gold Award for the BSA district for which I'm the District Commissioner.

We are absolutely determined to have a very serious date when I get back.  I'm looking forward to that.

Working on my new job is on hold for the time being.

I'm going to try to get in touch with the Scouts here in Tanzania.  They are coed and called the Tanzanian Scout Association.

My internet connectivity has been building up and I am getting in a better rhythm.  I hope to be able to make more regular posts.


Anonymous said...

So glad to hear your family is doing well. Love the pics you showed -- the mountains are actually gorgeous. Do you have air conditioning? Is it hot there? I think it's cool you are learning Swahili; and the name of your town is cool, too. I also think your getting in touch with the Scouts in Tanzania is a terrific idea -- great thinking, Bill. Can't wait to hear more updates. Love & miss you!!! Auntie Char & Uncle Greg xoxoxoxoxox ;-p

Inner Prop said...

It's 75-85 during the day and often there is a breeze, so it's very nice weather.

We'll see how much luck I have getting in touch with the Scouts, wish me luck.

I love the vie of the mountains here. My guess is that they are about as high as the Appalachians. I'm hoping to go on a day hike one of these weekends.