Sunday, August 25, 2013

Report from Mundelein for the Week of 18-24 Aug 13

I have a lot to report this week, but no pictures.

Evee was selected captain of JV Volleyball team.  I'm hoping she will grow into the leadership role.

Sophie tried out for Volleyball and didn't make it.  Personally I don't believe in cuts at all in grade school.  What is the point of sports?  Is it to win?  That seems worse than shallow and pointless.  The point of entry level sports should be to teach sportsmanship, teamwork, healthy physical activity, responsibility and leadership.  The sports should be the fun vehicle to teach that.  How can you possibly teach it if you cut kids who are really trying.  If they are goofing off or are disruptive, then I can understand, but not based on skill level at this point.  I think when you cut at this level you are only teaching the kids that they aren't worth teaching.

Teeny is home again.  She was in Montana for a week, but she's home now, preparing to return to school.

I rode my bike to work twice last week.  For the past several weeks I've only managed to ride to work one day each week.  I'm working my way back up to three bike commutes a week.  I want to average that.  I have about 40 bike commutes this year, and I won't make 75, which I consider my standard goal.  The first year I had only 33, then 76, then about 50 last year.  I should make 50 again this year, even with my trip to Tanzania.

I'm so proud of my lovely wife.  Maria attended a banquet this last week where she received a President's Award.  This is a very high honor (the "President" being the president of Abbvie).  She took a lady that worked on her team that did not receive the award, but who Maria thought should have.

I'm going to try to learn some Swahili for my trip so my Greek lessons will take a back seat.

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Anonymous said...

Loved the update of your yrly biking to work. Impressed!! Also loved the updates on your ladies. If we can't get together -- this is the next best thing... Love and miss you all! Auntie Char xoxoxoxox ;-p