Wednesday, November 27, 2013

Happy Birthday, Welcome Home

Birthday girl and
the luckiest man
Last Monday was my beautiful bride's birthday.  She is celebrating 29 again (not sure why that year in particular).

One of the reasons I didn't post this sooner was because she keeps asking the impossible for her birthday present.  At first she asked for world peace, and then she changed it to clean the basement.  I asked her to reconsider world peace.

Anyway I've been working like crazy to get the basement clean, plus our eldest is home from Boston (got home last night) so we've both been cleaning the house and getting it ready for an additional mess maker (just kidding Teeny).  Actually we wanted to clean out that spare bedroom so she would think we wanted her home.


Anonymous said...

Love it all. Wish we'd see you at Thanksgiving -- but you will be in our hearts. xoxoxoxoxoxo Auntie Char and Uncle Greg and all of our 17 Kitties. ;-p

Anonymous said...

Hi, don't know if my first comment made it, because of all of the pop ups we get on our computers lately......
Love all of your post. Wish we would see you at Thanksgiving; but you will be in our hearts, please say Happy Thanksgiving to your folks, Maria. Love you all soooo much. Auntie Char and Uncle Greg ;-p

Inner Prop said...

The comments are on what is called moderation. It means that I have to approve them before they show up. I missed the one you sent while I was away. Everything you sent is now showing, or should be.